Customer Reviews

"It's loads of fun for all ages and a great alternative when you have too many for a board game. Laughed so hard we were crying, and everyone gets a chance to show off some pretty unique skills. A must have for any group get-together!"

— Jennifer

"Boy oh boy is this game fun! My kids love it, and my wife is bananas about it! Fun to watch, play, even if you aren't playing! Have a fun game night and check it out!"

— Luke

"Go buy it - totally worth it, everyone will love it and you won't stop playing it."

— Joss

About the Game

Something Different is about crazy rules that constantly change, dueling your friends, and sometimes talking like a pirate. Race to empty your hand in this game of rules, but watch our; if you break one you'll end up with more cards than you bargained for.

Simple to learn and perfect for parties, this game might just be the something different you're looking for!