Humanitarian Artist Builds Recycled Homes For Homeless Residents. Seeing This Man's Kind Heart And Compassion Made Me Cry.

May 12, 2014

An innovative artist named Gregory Kloehn decided he wanted to build mobile houses made from recycled materials in order to benefit the city of Oakland's homeless residents. He began going dumpster-diving for suitable construction supplies and then started designing and building non-traditional houses on wheels in order to provide impoverished individuals with creative solutions that were an enormous improvement over their vagabound shelters. Assisted by an ever-growing group of volunteers, this kind-hearted artist is helping to make the world a better place to be for those who lives are full of desolation and hardships.

This man has a dream. Gregory Kloehn collects rough materials for his recycled houses.

Two frame models of his mobile homes constructed from pieces of discarded trash that he has found.

Moving one of his newly constructed homes for the homeless to a location.

Succeeding in putting "a roof over a homeless person’s head – however small that roof might be..."

2 more uniquely designed living spaces for poverty-stricken residents in need of shelter.

A view from the inside. Check out the solid wood construction and those unique sun windows!

A view of the exterior. A mobile recycled home featuring a handy laundy machine door for a window to let in some sunshine from the outside.

On the way to making someone's life a whole lot better...

A selection of some of the brightly colored dwellings that Gregory and his team of volunteers have constructed.

These students from Salesian High School are just some of the many volunteers who have been inspired by this project and have come forward to help.

Mobile homes like these can provide much improved living conditions for the city's down-and-out residents.

"Each structure is unique and all homes are mobile so that they can accomodate the nomadic lifestyle of our homeless residents while avoiding the complexities of permanent structures."

Creating a cozy living space with a blue interior and an indigo shaded sunroof as well as varnished wood floors.

Homely accomodations and a creative design like this will definitely provide a good reason to make someone to smile.

 A smiling resident named Kelly standing in front of her newly received home.

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H/T: boredpanda  source: Facebook  seenimages via: huffingtonpost

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